Alan Hoelzle Photography


Alan Hoelzle's photographs evoke the beauty, magic, and mystery of our world.
Represented by galleries nationwide, Alan travels the country searching out sublime moments when light reveals the "spirit of place."


"My fascination with photography began in my 20's after I'd left my college studies in philosophy to go out and experience life firsthand. With small budget and a smaller camera, I traveled and worked my way through Europe, Scandinavia, The Caribbean, The Middle East, and Asia. I found that photography brought me closer to the peoples and cultures I visited, and allowed me to interpret my experiences in a meaningful way. Years later I returned to the U.S. to spend a summer on Cape Cod, and turned my camera to that subtle landscape. I sold my first picture in Summer 1994, and now have galleries up and down the coast of New England, as well as in Florida and California."


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